We are a group of professional authors who have banded together to bring our writing directly to you at a good price. As we expand, we’ll be offering fiction (mostly) and non-fiction, previously published and original, long and short, in varied genres. All of it written by commercially published authors.


the games ebook patricia mclinnThe Games
Patricia McLinn

Price: $4.00

Medals can be won, careers can be made, hearts can be lost.

From the pomp of Opening Ceremonies to the good-byes of Closing Ceremonies, join three remarkable women during the Winter Olympics.

Let The Games begin!

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doctor doctor lori handeland ebookDoctor, Doctor
Lori Handeland

Price: $2.00

Veterinarian Elijah Drycinski has always loved the girl next door, but she saw him as her best friend and nothing more. Then Gwen Bartelt returns to Pine River, Wisconsin from practicing medicine in the big city and Eli has a chance to show her that small-town life offers both professional satisfaction and the chance at passion–with him.

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face down below the banqueting house ebook kathy lynn emersonFace Down Below the Banqueting House
Kathy Lynn Emerson

Price: $3.00

In Book Eight of the Face Down series, sixteenth-century gentlewoman, herbalist, and sleuth Susanna, Lady Appleton, is faced with a visit to her home at Leigh Abbey by Queen Elizabeth. But there is more to the courtier sent to make preparations than first appears.

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