About Us

A Writer’s Work FAQ

We are writers. You are a reader. Let’s get together!

That, in a nutshell, is the concept behind AWritersWork.com. But perhaps you have questions to ask beyond the nutshell? Let’s see if we can answer a few.

Who are we?

We are a group of professional authors who have banded together to bring our writing directly to you at a good price. As we expand, we’ll be offering fiction (mostly) and non-fiction, previously published and original, long and short, in varied genres. All of it written by commercially published authors.

How can AWritersWork.com offer readers a better price than non-direct sites?

When an author contracts with a print or e-pub publisher, the bulk of the cover price that you pay goes to the publisher to cover its overhead. For example, if you buy a typical paperback at the bookstore, the author will receive 6-8% of the cover price. Or, on an e-book, the author might receive 25% . . . or less.

By creating our own website, we retain (after costs) a higher percent of the cover cost. Sure, we could keep that improved percentage, and our budgets sure would appreciate it, but have we mentioned that readers are our favorite
kind of people?  So, we’re sharing the good news with you by offering lower prices.

Are these works protected?

Absolutely – by copyright laws.

However, we are offering these works without electronic passwords or encryption or DRM (Digital Rights Management) because of the difficulties they impose on readers. We are hopeful that, in turn, readers will honor our rights. If we find that trust is abused, we will need to revisit this decision.

Piracy is a huge problem for authors and if you give us half a chance we’ll
bore you to death with the topic.

Will you be adding more works for sale?

Yes! More works and more authors. So keep checking back.

How are you going to use the e-mail addresses of those who sign up for AWritersWork.com newsletters?

To send you news about AWritersWork.com and its authors. That’s it. We won’t sell, share, trade or give away your e-mail addresses. It annoys the heck out of us when that happens to our e-mail addresses and we won’t do it to you.

None of our authors is putting her/his individual e-mail list into the AWritersWork.com pot – if you want to be on the AWritersWork.com newsletter list, you can subscribe on the home page.

Can I submit a proposal or manuscript to AWritersWork.com?

Nope. And our webmaster has been instructed to delete such material unread.

If you have had at least two commercially published works (and we get to arbitrarily define “commercially” as we choose), you’re welcome to contact us for information on joining AWritersWork.com. All decisions on inviting commercially published authors to join AWritersWork.com reside with the authors of AWritersWork.com.

What if I have more questions?

Write to us and we’ll see if we can answer.

What if I have technical questions or need support?

Write to us.