E-book FAQ

About E-Books

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Beware: These responses are produced by writers. We are not technology mavens. Some of us are downright technophobes. And evidence shows that a few of us send out a force-field that makes technology afraid of us.)

What Is An E-Book (or is it e-book? E-book? EBook? ebook?)

Thank heavens the definition is easier than trying to get everyone to agree on how it’s spelled. An e-book (we had to pick a spelling, and that’s it) is an electronic document of a book.

How Do I Read An E-Book?

Two primary ways:

On a computer screen.

On a device
. . . including e-readers (or is it eReader? ereader? … no, don’t get us started!) and phones.

Here’s a chart of e-readers with their various formats . . . but things change quickly, so it might be out of date already.

What’s All This Stuff About Formats?

Our sentiments exactly. Formats pop up like moles in the Whack-a-Mole
game. We decided to streamline to two formats: ePub (with all its variant
spellings) and PDF.

EPub is an open-source format that more and more publishers are turning
to in hopes/expectations that it will become the standard and thus trim the number of e-format moles popping up. We chose it for that reason and because, as an open-source format, no middleman can limit our readers’
use of it or make a profit on it.

PDF is familiar to most computer users. If it’s not familiar to you, here’s some background.

Will I Need Special Software To Read AWritersWork.com E-Books?

It depends.

The PDF format is great for reading on desktop and laptop computers. (Many portable devices also can read PDF documents, although you likely won’t have as much flexibility with PDF as with ePub.)

If you choose to download a book in PDF format and want to read it on your computer screen, all you need is free Adobe Reader, which most folks already have.

If you want to read one of our books on a device that supports ePub (including Sony Readers and Nook) you’ve got it easy. Just download to your computer, then transfer to your device according to its instructions. EPub also reads well on iPhones, iPods, and a number of PDAs.

In addition, you can read ePub e-books on your desktop or laptop computer.

Whoa, My Head Is Spinning!

That’s not a question, but we’ll answer anyway. Ours are spinning, too.

There are way too many devices and formats available to give you information on each one. Check the website of your hardware device for specifics on how to read ePub and/or PDF.

But we will give you this quick list of some of the most-recommended software in the e-book world:

  • EPub Reader Firefox Add-on (Windows/Linux/Mac)To read ePub books on your computer in the browser Firefox.
  • Stanza (Windows/Linux/Mac)To read ePub books on your computer and/or to convert to other formats; free as of now, but there are rumblings it might not remain that way.
  • Calibre (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X)To read ePub books on your computer and/or to convert to other formats; free, and since it’s open-source software it is expected to stay that way.
  • Mobipocket readerTo read ePub books.
  • Bookworm (online service)To read ePub books.

What About Kindle?

Amazon has chosen to have its e-reader use proprietary software. This means that no one can provide the format that the Kindle uses except Amazon.

However, we are assured by techno-types that our e-books can be read on a Kindle in either of the formats we’re offering — by converting PDF files via Calibre or Mobipocket and ePub files by converting with Calibre.

Do Your E-Books Work On A Mac?

Absolutely. As you’ve seen above, Firefox’s EPub Reader, Stanza and Calibre
are all Mac-able.

For PDFs, Adobe Reader has a Mac version. Preview is a PDF file reader that comes with the Leopard Operating System. Or you can use Firefox-Mac-PDF. A plug-in that allows you to read PDF files from your Firefox browser.

I Use Linux – How About Me?

You’re way more techie than we are, so you probably already know about
using the free Foxit PDF Reader for Linux.

How Do I Buy An E-Book?

You click on “Add to Cart” at the bottom of a book’s page. If you want to check out more about the book, you can read the free first chapter available in PDF for every AWritersWork.com offering.

How Do I Pay For My E-Book?

All AWritersWork.com sales are priced in U.S. dollars and all sales are through PayPal. That means you can use anything PayPal accepts – any currency, any credit card, any bank account, any online payment.

Can I Order From Anywhere In The World?

From anywhere PayPal will accept payments. All books are in English at this time.

Do I Have To Have A PayPal Account?

Nope. You can, but you don’t have to. You can use a credit card to pay via PayPal without an account.

How Do I Download My E-Book?

First add each AWritersWork.com selection you want to your shopping cart. When you’re ready to check out, click on “Shopping Cart” then “Go to Checkout.”

You’ll go through PayPal’s secure payment system.

Once your payment has been processed (it should only take seconds), you’ll be taken to a secure page to download your e-books. That’s where you’ll have your choice of ePub or PDF for each book you’ve purchased. Once you select ePub or PDF for a book it will begin the download process. When one book is finished downloading, move on to the next.

You’ll also receive a confirmation e-mail containing the URL to that same secure page with the link to download each book you’ve purchased. So, if you have a problem downloading or if you don’t get back to the download page right away, you can use the link to go back to the page again. The URL will be good for three days. After that it goes poof!

Once I’ve Downloaded, Does The Book Expire?

Nope. It’s yours to read as often as you’d like.

Authors don’t begrudge sharing with a friend or two, as you might with a paper book. Remember, though, that the author retains copyright. That means you may NOT reproduce the book.

Since our mortgage companies, grocery stores and gas stations require payment in cash, rather than goodwill, we’re hopeful our readers will cooperate and recognize the spirit behind our copyright ownership. If our trust is abused, we will have to consider using DRM (Digital Rights Management.)

What If I Accidentally Delete My E-Book?

If it’s within three days of your purchase, just use the URL to the download page to re-download.

After three days, e-mail support.

How Long Does It Take To Download An E-Book?

It depends. On your system, on the speed of your Internet connection,
and on the size of the e-book. As a guesstimate, figure 1 to 6 minutes.

What If I Have A Technical Problem?

E-mail support.

We assure you, the authors will not try to answer. However, our webmaster, who actually does know technology, will.