Available Books By Author

Anton, Shari

Emily’s Captain

Baker, Fran

Romeo, Romeo
When Last We Loved

Barker, Becky

Back in His Arms
Sassy Lady

Byrd, Nicole

Dear Imposter

Chamberlain, Diane

Secret Lives
The Escape Artist

Chambers, Ginger

Call it Love

Conn, Phoebe

Drink My Blood
Tangled Hearts

Cresswell, Jasmine

Prince of the Night
To Catch the Wind

Emerson, Kathy Lynn

Crimes and Confusions
Face Down Below the Banqueting House
Face Down Beside St. Anne’s Well
Face Down O’er the Border
Fatal as a Fallen Woman
How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries
Julia’s Mending
Lethal Legend
Making Headlines
Murders and Other Confusions
No Mortal Reason
The Mystery of Hilliard’s Castle
The Mystery of the Missing Bagpipes

Fitzpatrick, Flo

Aria in Ice
Haunting Melody
It’s a Marvelous Night for a Moondance

Handeland, Lori

Doctor, Doctor
Dreams of an Eagle
Mother of the

When Midnight Comes
When You Wish

Kary, Elizabeth

Let No Man Divide
Portrait of a Lady

McLinn, Patricia

Almost a Bride (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book One)
A New World
A Stranger
in the Family
(Bardville Trilogy, Book One)
A Stranger
to Love
(Bardville Trilogy, Book One)
Grady’s Wedding (The Wedding Books, Book Three)
Lost and
Found Groom
(A Place Called Home, Book One)
Match Made in Wyoming (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book Two)
My Heart Remembers (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book Three)
Not a Family Man
Prelude to
a Wedding
(The Wedding Books, Book One)
Principal of Love (Seasons in a Small Town: Fall)
Rodeo Nights
The Games
Rancher Meets His Match
(Bardville Trilogy, Book Three)
Wedding Party (The Wedding Books, Book Two)
Widow Woman

Rice, Patricia

Almost Perfect (Carolina Series- Book 2)
California Girl
Carolina Girl (Carolina Series- Book 4)
Impossible Dreams (Carolina Series- Book 1)
Lost Love
McCloud’s Woman (Carolina Series- Book 3)
Nobody’s Angel

Riker, Leigh


Stella, Mary

All Keyed Up
Key of Sea