Fran Baker

Fran Baker has written 11 novels, with a 12th in progress, as well as a couple hundred articles, book reviews, author interviews and op-ed pieces.

Her books have appeared on several bestseller lists and have been translated into more than 20 languages. Fran has conducted a number of writing workshops in the U.S. and in Canada, and she’s spoken about writing for publication to local, national and international audiences. In 1998 she founded her own small press, Delphi Books, which today has 15 print titles and 5 eBook/Kindle titles.

Fran is being reluctantly dragged out of the Dark Ages and into the Cyberworld. She doesn’t have a Facebook page and she only Tweets when her favorite golden oldies radio station plays “Rockin’ Robin.” But she does have a couple of web sites and she does write the occasional post at RomancingTheYarn, the blog she shares with other knitting writers.

Or is that writing knitters? Whatever, to check on how she’s progressing, you’re invited to visit her at either or

romeo romeo fran baker ebookRomeo, Romeo
Price: $3.99

Maggie Kelly Romeo and Gian Romeo are committed to their careers and to each
other. Together they love, laugh and practice law in Kansas City. But in the courtroom, they play opposing roles.

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when last we loved fran baker ebookWhen Last We Loved
Price: $2.99

A dirt farmer’s daughter from west Texas, Cassie Creighton was driven to achieve
stardom in country music. She thought she could leave Hoyt Temple behind, but she hadn’t planned on love.

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