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kathy lynn emersonWelcome readers.

I write historical mysteries and nonfiction. In the past I’ve also written historical and category romance and children’s books for readers ages eight to twelve. I’ve been a writer almost as long as I can remember,
starting with the newspapers I wrote for my dolls when I was about eight. It took me a good many years before anyone was willing to pay me for what I wrote but I sold my first novel in 1984 and it was published in 1985.

My fortieth published book came out in 2009.

I hope you’ll visit my website to learn more about me and my writing and that you will enjoy the offerings here.

face down below the banqueting house ebook kathy lynn emerson

Face Down Below the Banqueting House
Face Down Mysteries, Book #8
Price: $3.00

In Book Eight of the Face Down series, sixteenth-century gentlewoman, herbalist, and sleuth Susanna, Lady Appleton, is faced with a visit to her home at Leigh Abbey by Queen Elizabeth. But there is more to the courtier sent to make preparations than first appears. Susanna is not pleased when he constructs a banqueting house in the branches of her favorite oak tree.

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face down beside st anne's well ebook kathy lynn emersonFace Down Beside St. Anne’s Well
Face Down Mysteries, #9
Price: $3.00

In Book Nine of the Face Down series, sixteenth-century gentlewoman, herbalist, and sleuth Susanna, Lady Appleton, travels north to the old Roman baths at Buxton to help her foster daughter, Rosamond, discover the truth about the sudden death of Madame Louise Poitier, French teacher at Bawkenstanes Manor, where Rosamond has been sent to learn to behave like a gentlewoman.

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face down o'er the border ebook kathy lynn emersonFace Down O’er The Border
Face Down Mysteries, #10
Price: $3.00

The year is 1577, and Mary, the abdicated queen of Scots, is a prisoner in England. But Mary’s Scotland is a wild and foreign land with strikingly different laws: murder is a civil matter not prosecuted and sometimes settled with money. Does Scotlands political unrest tie in with the murder of Susanna’s friend Catherine? And even if Susanna Appleton can find her Catherine, who has disappeared in the company of a notorious spy, what will become of Catherine’s young children? An authentically historical tale of intrigue in ye old Isle.

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fatal as a fallen woman ebook kathy lynn emersonFatal as a Fallen Woman
Diana Spaulding Mysteries, #2
Price: $3.00

In Book Two of the Diana Spaulding Quartet, scandal-sheet journalist Diana’s
father is murdered in Colorado and her mother is accused of the crime.
Diana heads west to find the real killer and discovers more secrets than
she counted on.

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no mortal reason ebook kathy lynn emersonNo Mortal Reason
Diana Spaulding Mysteries, #3
Price: $3.00

Scandal-sheet journalist Diana Spaulding and her fiancé, Ben Northcote, make a detour in their trip back to Maine from Colorado to visit a hotel in rural Sullivan County, New York owned by Diana’s uncles. Until very recently, she didn’t know she had any family living, and they have no idea that she exists. The discovery of the bones of a murdered girl place Diana in an awkward situation. Her editor wants her to go after the story. Diana wants to prove her newfound relatives innocent of any crime. And Ben just wants to prevent his beloved from stumbling over any more dead bodies.

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lethal legend ebook kathy lynn emersonLethal Legend
Diana Spaulding Mysteries, #4
Price: $3.00

In Book Four of the Diana Spaulding Quartet, scandal-sheet journalist Diana Spaulding and her fiancé, Ben Northcote, are back in Maine, getting ready for their wedding, when an old friend of Ben’s asks for his help. From murder on an island off the coast of Maine to archaeologists, deep sea divers, and a duel with fencing foils, the action never stops. Add in the long anticipated meeting between Ben’s mother and Diana’s and the return of other characters from earlier novels and you have a book you won’t want to miss.

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murders and other confusions ebook kathy lynn emersonMurders and Other Confusions
Price: $3.00

These eleven short stories feature Susanna, Lady Appleton, of the Face Down Mystery Series, and her friends. They are set in the middle decades of the reign of Elizabeth I and settings range from London all the way to Persia.

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how to write killer historical mysteries ebook kathy lynn emersonHow to Write Killer Historical Mysteries
Price: $5.00

WINNER of the Agatha Award for best mystery-related nonfiction of the year.

Originally published by Perseverance Press in 2008, this volume features quotes, advice, and anecdotes from numerous other historical mystery writers plus comments by editors, booksellers, and reviewers.

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